Insurance Broker Questionnaire:

  • When was the last time your insurance broker contacted you other than at renewal time? 
  • Is your broker knowledgeable?  
  • Does he or she keep up with changes in the market, regulations, and trends? 
  • What about the service level, responsiveness to inquiries, assistance with claims resolution?

These qualities make a difference.  Compare our services below to what you currently receive from your present broker.

Market Analysis

Starting at least 3 months before your insurance renewal date, we work with you to develop a comprehensive analysis of the market. No more rushed last-minute decisions about your benefit program. Our early market analysis helps you obtain the best benefits program at the least cost.

Top-Notch Claim Assistance

Your employees will no longer spend hours on the phone trying to resolve claim and service issues. Instead, they will hand these problems off to us for resolution. Your employees remain productive while we use our expertise to solve claim issues quickly.

Employer Reports

We log all calls from you and your employees. We report to you if when we see a need for employee education about benefits. A common example is lack of awareness about out-of-network coverage when employees work outside your geographic region. We help your employees understand coverage issues so that morale and satisfaction remain stable.

Legislative & Compliance Updates

We keep up with legislation and compliance in Health & Welfare laws, COBRA, HIPAA, FLMA, and the like. We inform you of pertinent changes so that you can be in compliance. We reduce your business risk by giving you the information you need to be in compliance with the law at all times.

Employee Compensation Statements

We provide “hidden paycheck” statements for employees so that they understand their actual full compensation. That is, we show that their value is more than salary—it is salary plus taxes plus benefits.  Your employees will understand their true cost to you. This type of employee education promotes high morale.

But wait! There’s more…

In addition to our regular services, we have made arrangements with leading suppliers and experts to provide the following assistance to clients at a discount. Having expert resources and advisers lowers your risk and augments your financial security as a business.

Online HR and Employee Benefits Resources

This resource offers a comprehensive, authoritative explanation and analysis of the laws, trends, and developments in key benefits and related areas. It includes numerous resources, including forms, checklists, policies, and model documents that you can download and use.

HR Review

We can arrange to have a professional Human Resources Consultant review your employee handbook, applications, and other employment documents for compliance.

Pension/401(k) Review

We can arrange for Professional Pension Consultants to review your 401(k) documents to be sure you have developed the necessary Investment Policy Statement and review process to shield Plan trustees from liability.