Nobody understands the complexity of health insurance more than we do.  

In addition to industry jargon, it is a complicated purchase. Think about it - you are entering into a contract that is going to obligate the insurance carrier to potentially pay millions of dollars of claims if you get really sick/hurt. So to help you out, we have listed some questions for you to consider when trying to decide which plan to choose.  

How long has the company been doing business?  
While the length of time a carrier has been doing business in the Commonwealth of Virginia is not the most important factor, it is something to consider.  You want some kind of track record for the company that is going to be insuring the health of your family.

Why is the price so low?  
Remember what your mom used to say - "If it is too good to be true, there is probably a reason."  If a plan is A LOT less than other 'similar' plans, there is usually a reason for it.    

Can you get the start date you want?  
Probably not. The Affordable Care Act has changed everything. Contact us for details. 

How good is the carrier/pricing/network for your area of the state?  
For a host of reasons, health insurance varies greatly deal from state-to-state (insurance is regulated on the state level) and even town-to-town.  A carrier that has great prices in Greensboro, NC may not even do business in Richmond, VA.  In fact, a carrier that does business in Richmond may not do business in Virginia Beach.  If they do, the networks and pricing could be VASTLY different.  Just because your brother Scott got a great deal with Company X is not a guarantee that you have the same options.    

What about pre-existing conditions?  
With very limited exceptions, pre-existing conditions are covered from day 1.  

Why do I need an agent?  
We thought you would never ask.  The short answer is, "If you really want to go through all of the work necessary to figure out all of the answers to the questions above, I guess you don't need an agent." 

However, if you understand that you get the same price - with or without an agent - why not use an experienced, knowledgeable, no-pressure agent?   If you need more convincing, contact us.